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Our Story

We are Chelsea and Isaac Ebsen, and we love Charcuterie Boards! We enjoy putting them together for guests in our home. Entertaining has always brought us joy!

Our journey to this point started in 2007. Chelsea was working at Sonoma Grill and Wine bar in north Texas as a hostess. Isaac was a “regular” at the restaurant since his brother worked as a server there. Sparks and flirting ensued and the love story began. You could say wine and cheese were at the foundation of our relationship. We dated while Isaac was working in the business industry and Chelsea was attending nursing school. We married and now have 3 beautiful children that remind us how lucky we are.

Chelsea has been a registered nurse for the past decade serving our community with her upbeat personality. Isaac was in business management for the last 15 years working as a general manager, regional manager, and regional director. He is highly skilled in sales, running a business, and leading people. But 2020 brought a lot of changes and he was laid off from his job. Chelsea had always dreamed about starting a small business together. Isaac always dreamed of having a schedule he could dictate and be with his family more. The kitchen is Chelsea’s happy place. As a child, she would cook and enjoy food with her sisters and mom. All good memories start with food, right?  Since Isaac was without a job, we felt it was God leading us in a new direction. Finding a reason to celebrate has always been a motto for us. We love to entertain and be surrounded by our friends and family and knew this would fit into our lives.

We started the Chel’Cuterie gig by building boards for our friends and family to try out. We came up with a variety of boards.  Our Classic Board is a fan favorite that is exactly right for all occasions.  Our Spicy board is our Texas pride board. This is a favorite for guy’s night and people who enjoy some spice in their life. Our Harvest board is the most colorful and healthful. We wanted to make sure we could provide a great board for all our family and friends. We have so many loved ones who are vegetarians, so we are overly excited to offer this choice.

Lastly, we want to provide a great buying experience. We want to offer an exceptional board and service for a great price. All our prices have the delivery (up to 20 miles) built in. We, like so many others, were tired of seeing a price then getting to checkout and it being completely different. Transparency is what you can expect from us.

We are excited to see what the future has in store for us and we are delighted to be considered for your next occasion. We plan on mastering the craft here in North Texas.

Thank you again for being here and we cannot wait to provide a Chel’Cuterie board for you!

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